About rwt

The rwt family offers you as a reliable partner and a one-stop shop – services that have matured through our many years of experience and competency in manufacturing (since 1974) including consulting, sales, software engineering, commissioning, training, support and maintenance.

rwt has been working since 2001 together with well-known manufacturers of machine tools and control systems and has supplied its software modules with user dialogs directly integrated on the controls. rwt has the lasting solution for a standardized network integration of manufacturing machinery with Windows in global company networks. rwt has been a leader of technology for years with core competency in the shop floor.

rwt software solutions are all built up modularly with standard products, and ensure high efficiency and transparency in the production process not only in small and medium-sized companies, but also in corporations.

More than 600 customers are presently using rwt solutions. Our customers are above all in the machining production, such as mechanical engineering and plant engineering and construction, suppliers and contract production, automotive industry, medical engineering, tools and mold production.