DNC, MDC, ODC -Integrated Directly in the Control System

When driving a car you can see all necessary information without buying additional equipments. Why should this be different in the production? Therefore rwt GmbH integrates the functions DNC, MDC and ODC directly into the CNC control system. The CNC machine supports the employee also with additional rwt features such as Auto-ODC in doing his daily work.

Living Industry 4.0:

MDC - Automatical Data Collection by the Control System

Software Directly in the Control

Data is only collected virtually, directly on the control panel. The data acquisition takes place even in unmanned operation or in parallel order processing in pallet operation. Machine conditions such as production, standstil and faults, including their causes, are automatically recorded. If the machine is not aware of downtime reasons, the operator is requested for direct input by the control.

Auto-ODC and Automatic Messages


With Auto-ODC the intelligent machine automatically carries out a job change. The machine operator only has to confirm the end of production and, if necessary, enter the committee.

Standstill and malfunction are immediately transmitted via SMS / e-mail to the maintenance staff, even in a unmanned operation. Necessary measures can be taken immediately.

DNC with Integrated Update Service

The integrated update service automatically checks during parts manufacturing, an update of the latest NC data on the control panel. Thus, manufacturing of "wrong" parts is avoided. Used data during parts manufacturing are automatically documented (ISO 9001).

Auto-OEE, Networking Process and Information

With Auto-OEE the intelligent machine automatically generates all data such as part changes, job time acquisition, number of finished parts to determine the OEE coefficient. Production orders and manual ODC are noch longer necessary for the rwt solution.

The automatic job time acquisition provices the user reliable reports of deviations from standard times during parts production. The production process of parts manufacturing is thereby optimized. The automatic job time acquisition provides important data for the post-calculation of the part and the performance  of the machine.

Secure Data Transmission

Integrating the software into the control system has decisive advantages for secure data transmission. After reconnetion of networks the buffered data are transfered automatically. This ensures an automatic and complete data collection in any case.

rwt Fileservice protects networked production facilities against unauthorized access from the outside.

Reliable Data for Analysis

Current Machine Production Process

The automatic data acquisition which is integrated directly into the control, provides reliable data for analysis at any time.

Your advantage:

  • Software integrated directly into the control system
  • No additional, expensive hardware
  • Reliable data acquisition
  • IT security