Machine Data Evaluation, Production Analysis and OEE

Many decisions in everyday life are based on subjective perceptions. In manufacturing, on the other hand, you need very accurate analyses to avoid wrong decisions. The goal is efficient production based on current process data.

Living Industry 4.0:

Knowing the Efficiency Factor of Machinery

Optimization of Production

Using the machine and production data analysis the utilization of the machine park is monitored. Through detailed analysis, causes of malfunctions are recognized and can be corrected immediately. Comparisons of machines identify performance differentials and are basis for machine purchases.

Production Order Analysis

The production order analysis gives information as to how an order has actually passed through the production. For completed as well as now beeing produced orders, processing and malfunction times or the rate of rejection can be determined. These values are based for the post-calculation of production costs.

Optimization of Economic Value

In the rwt solution the OEE process data are automatically collected by the intelligent machine. This reduces the manual effort and leads to more reliable data quality (Auto-OEE).

OEE optimizes not only one production step, but also the entire value chain of the production facilities. The causes of productivity degradation are detected promptly by OEE. Based on OEE processing times will be reduced and productivity of the production units increased.

Online Visualization

Online Visualization

Users get with web-based dashboards and reports a quick access to current data. The dashboard provides a clear overview of the most important data and results for each application.

Your advantage:

  • Meanful, transparent analysis
  • Continous improvement of production
  • Decision basis for new purchases
  • Online information where it is needed