NcS CAM System – Fastest Way to NC Program

Prerequisite for success is a good teamplay in a team sport. So is it in manufacturing, too. Only ideal coordination of machine - tool - Nc programming can make an exact real-world part out of a virtuell part. At least as important: Easy to handle NC programs.

Living Industry 4.0:

Practice-oriented Flexibility

Multi-Axis Milling

NcS is a production-related NC programming system for turning (incl. double-slide), drilling, multi-axis 3D milling and engraving for complex turning and milling centers. All 3D-files of CAD systems can be integrated. Geometrics can be generated out of old NC blocks. NcS works normally without post processors via dialog-orientied machine configuration.

The user with his know-how decides how he creates and optimizes workshop-oriented programs - directly on the control system.

With the NcS workhops-oriented programming (WOP) not the system but the user with his know-how decides how he creates and optimizes workshop-oriented programs in a short time. For this purpose, NcS offerts a veriety of machine-specific macros and high capable NC editor. Programming can be done via efficient features based on 2D data and 3D models.

The NcS automatic generation of programming (source program) offers simple features for complex workspieces such as programming of mirrored parts, clamping blocks, adaptive milling with secure maximum material removal parts or predefined standard of recesses. By synchronization of several sleds in turning, among other things, productive times can be reduced essentialy.

Machine and Customer Specific Macros

NcS offers a variety of machine-specific macros, e.g.  for processplan, simulation and NC block generating. The user can adjust or create these macros to his individual production requirements easily.

Machine Simulation (Virtual Machine)

Virtual Machine

The NcS machine simulation (virtual machine) assists the user in processing of existing NC programs or of NC programs which are optimized directly on the machine (with a synchronizsation of up to 4 channels). With the virtual representation of the whole machine, all important machine parameters are controlled based on NC blocks in programming an optimization process (collisions check). All axes can be handled at once.

Smart CAM Tool Database

Smart Tool Database

Tool components, assembly tools and multifunctional tools are imaged in a realistic way. Every individual definition of issue of tool change occured in the same dialog.

Via the existing NC program, information such as tool identity number, tool name, magazine location, possibly the turret an tool call are available automatically.