PDV Production Data Management – Intelligent Using of Big Data in the Manufacturing

In everyday life, dealing with the flood of information is often very difficult. With PDV "the art of correct selecting" is no longer a challange in the smart manufacturing.

Living Industry 4.0:

Part-related Production Data

PDV – Central Data Organization
PDV – Central Data Management

The partsl-related production data includes: NC programs, tool lists, images, 3D models, HTML forms, clamping drafts, digital images, etc.

All necessary production information of a particular part is shown at a glance and up-to-date in the preview window. In addition, a consistent structure of parts lists (raw material, individual parts, assembly module) is available.

Networking of Data

The PDV provides a central data management for all production related data of the manufacturing. It ensures safe data transfer with its standard inferfaces to ERP/ PPS and CAD/CAM systems. The workplace monitor and workplaces provide an update overview of all important information.

Digital Change Management

Constructive changes of production parts are displayed on the task bar (inbox) immediately. In addition, the change management offers convenient search and comparison functions. The RAG indicator immediately monitors when new NC programms are needed and also in which programming work it is required.

Automatic Manufacturing Documentation

All changes, even in manufacturing, are automatically archived for the the quality management (ISO 9001). Manual data saving by the user, which is time consuming and prone of error, is no longer necessary. (see also digital change management).
All documents of manufacturing are available completely.

Continous Documentation for the Entire Tool Life

In the CNC ingetrated tool organization, tool-presetting and CNC machines are integrated. In addition, tool lists are generated with reference. So, it can be seen exactly where (special) tools are used. The calculation of net tool requirements is done on CNC machines with automatic availability check (see also WDE®). 

CNC Integrated Tool Organization


Your advantage:

  • Automatical documentation
  • Part-related data management for all manufacturing data
  • Workflow up to the machine
  • Traceability also for tool process data