POiS – Our Solution for Industry 4.0

The consistend MES system solution implies main concepts of Industry 4.0: Working with intelligent machines and intelligent tools.

For an Efficient Production Process

POiS provides all functions for machining production: DNC, MDC, ODC, WDE® (TDC), CAM, production data management and detailed planning. Standard interfaces ensure integration into existing ERP/ PPS and CAD/ CAM systems. These data is automatically transferred to the central production data management. With POiS all technological and economical data are networked, automatically documented and archieved for an efficient production process.

Directly Integrated into the Control System

Integrated Directly in the Control

rwt GmbH has been working for years close together with well-known manufacturers of machine tools and control systems. Its software modules are integrated directly into the controls.

With POiS, in the future-oriented manufacturing any additional PCs or terminals are no longer needed.

Your advantage:

  • Directly integrated into the control system
  • Part-related production data
  • Automatic documentation
  • Intelligent tool

POiS is the integrated process chain from planning to production in the manufacturing industry. All products are modular as standard.