rwt Fileservice – IT Security for Networked Production Units

rwt Fileservice - IT Security

Do you leave your front door always unlocked? And for security, do you change your door lock when a new model has appeard? With rwt Fileserve we have the key to protect your production unit long-lasting against unauthorized acces from the outside.

The rwt Fileservice communication was developed specially to meet the requirements of the manufacturing environment and to protect against unauthorized access (especially from the Internet). Without regularly installing security updates, the door will be closed for unwanted intruders such as viruses, Trojans from the network and cyberattacks.

Living Industry 4.0:

Long-lasting IT Security - Especially for Machines with Older Operating Systems

rwt Fileservice encapsulates the industrial computers that control CNC machines and production facilities. It protects them against unauthorized access from the outside. By encapsulating, rwt ensures secure data transfer, especially for machines with older operating systems.

High Degree of System Availability

For example if the production server malfunctions, the integrated hot standby mode establishes a connection to the failsafe server automatically. That way you can make sure data transfer is secured even in a three-shift operation or completely automatic manufacturing.

Your advantage:

  • No additional hardware necessary (e.g. coupling computer)
  • Separation of office and production networks
  • Secure data supply for older operating systems
  • Protection against unauthorized access
  • High investment protection, risk minimilation for your production machines

Long-lasting IT security of company-wide networked production facilities is a prerequisite for Industry 4.0.