The Planning Table Ensures Transparency in Production

Are you still working with punched cards? No? Why are you still planning cumbersome with magnetic boards or Excel sheets? The graphic planning table reduces complexity by making processes and relationships simple and clear.

Graphic Planning Table

Graphic Planning Table
Graphic Planning Table

Sequences of production orders and also complete assemblies to the available jobs are planned and clearly displayed on the available workstations. The efficient detailed planning considers current capacity of machines, all planning data and production-related dependencies of operations.

Staff Deployment Planning (SDP)

Using the staff deployment planning, staff capacity for all machines and orders will be displayed. So, even information about the qualification of the employee can be considered. Bottlenecks are identified early.

Early Identification of Bottelnecks and Spare Capacity

By simulating planning scenarios, the demand with suitable resources (tools, machines, time, etc.) and production-related requirements are checked. In this way a cost-effective and optimized production process can be achieved. Multiple assignments are recognized immediately. Resheduling is quick and easy.

Automatic Control of Manufacturing Process

Order Delay List
Order Delay List

If a delivery is at risk, it is promptly recognized. Appropriate measures, such as overtime or outsourcing, can be taken immediately.

Your advantage:

  • Optimization of production processes
  • Reduce of complexity
  • Early identification of bottlenecks and free capacity

The planning table can also be used without PPS.