WDE (TDC) – Intelligent Tool

In every daylife more and more objects are networked to receive information about them or to get directly from themselves. So why should you only machines become intelligent in a production? With WDE® (tool data collection), tools participates in the exchange of information, too.

Living Industry 4.0:

Self-Disclousure of the Smart Tool

Smart Tools
Smart Tools

With WDE® the tool itself informs about its current state of condition, whereabouts and availability - for the entire production process. So the employee knows exactly where (special) tools are used. Every single tool is clearly identifiable. This avoids data mix-ups and losses of information.

WDE® in the press

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Integration of Tool-Presetting and Machine Control

The current tool data measured on the tool-presetting are stored for each individual tool via DMC.

The dialog for the tool data transmission is installed directly on the machine control. This has decisive advantages for the security of data transmision. For disassemblied tools, the current tool data is collected on the machine.

In addition, the machine can automatically request a new tool from the tool-presetting, if the threshold of produzing tool is reached - this avoids machine downtime.

Tool Organization in the Production

Without new measurements, tools can be used again on another machine. WDE® supplies important tool process data for the maintenance, e.g. remaining tool life reasons for tool change, for the maintenance. This reduces tool costs to a great extent.

Evaluation and Analysis

Evaluation and Analysis
Evaluation and Analysis

The current tool-data collected via WDE® provides important information for analysis and evaluations. For example: Which parts were made with the tool? Are there any abnormalities with certain tools, such as quality problems? Are there qulity problems with certain tools?  Did the service life expire? 

Your advantage:

  • Clear identification of each individual tool
  • State, whereabouts and availability of tools known at any time
  • Reduction of tool costs and downtimes
  • Improvement of process reliability