With ever-smaller batch sizes and fewer skilled workers, the automation of systems becomes increasingly important. However, to capture reliable operational data for post-calculation of production orders, BDE must be reported without human intervention. With POiS® Auto-BDE, the order change in pallet processing is automatically reported - entirely without manual effort.
For all machines, the POiS® BDE dialog integrated into the controller ensures a process-secure transmission of NC programs to the work process without manual input. POiS® BDE enables real-time order tracking and detailed post-calculation.

Operator dialog directly integrated into the control

High data quality through automatic data collection

precisely recorded order times even in automated systems

Process security through order reference

ODC integrated into the control

The POiS® ODC dialog integrated into the control simplifies the worker's workflow. The operations, which are transferred from the ERP system, are directly accessible in the control unit in the planned processing sequence. Order information such as target quantities can be displayed. NC programs can be requested securely for the operation.

With ODC, production times for operations and lead times for orders are recorded. Additionally, with the quantities automatically captured by the machine, scrap can be qualified reported with POiS® ODC.

Precise order times for automated systems

Due to smaller batch sizes and a shortage of skilled workers, the automation of systems is becoming increasingly important. To collect accurate operational data for post-calculation of production orders in automated and unmanned systems, ODC also need to be automated. This ensures that precise operational data is available for post-calculation of production orders. With POiS® Auto-ODC, the order change in pallet processing is automatically reported - without any manual intervention.

This rwt solution reduces manual effort and results in reliable data quality. Time-consuming and error-prone manual entries are eliminated.

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