POiS® NcS is a production-oriented NC programming system for turning (including double slides), drilling, 2.5- to 5-axis milling, and engraving, even for complex turning and milling centers. It can integrate all 3D files from CAD systems. With the integrated geometry module, CAD data can be further processed for NC purposes or NC contours can be generated based on paper drawings.

If needed, geometries can be generated from old NC sets. POiS® NcS works without post-processors through a dialogue-based machine configuration.

Practice-oriented versatility

Machine- and customer-specific macros

Even without Post-Processors

Connectivity through part-specific NC programs

CAM tool database

Practice-oriented versatility

With POiS® NcS workshop-oriented programming (WOP), the system doesn't make the decisions. The user decides on how to create and optimize their programs in a workshop-friendly manner with their expertise. They have access to a variety of machine-specific macros and a powerful editor. Programming can be done efficiently using construction functions based on 2D data and 3D models.

POiS® NcS process plan optimization (source program) offers the programmer easy-to-use functions for complex workpieces, such as programming mirrored parts, clamping blocks, adaptive milling with secured maximum chip volumes, or predefined standard entry points. Synchronizing multiple slides in turning, among other benefits, significantly reduces setup times.

Machine- and customer-specific macros

The user has access to a wide range of machine-specific macros for process plan programming, machine room simulation, and NC program generation. These macros can be easily customized or created to meet the specific requirements of the respective manufacturing processes.

Machine room simulation
(virtual machine)

POiS® NcS Machine Room Simulation assists the user in working with existing NC programs or optimizing them on the machine (with synchronization of up to 4 channels). By providing a virtual representation of the entire machine, it allows for the verification of crucial machine parameters based on NC records (collision control).

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