The Integration of POiS® MDC directly into the CNC control, ensures the exact collection of machine data and ae precise identification of the "production" status. If the reason for machine downtimes is not known, POiS® MDC initiates, that the CNC control actively prompts the machine operator for input.

The collected data is continuous, up-to-date and alway available in real time for monitoring and analysis. The intelligent NC program enables reliabledata collection even during unmanned operation or parallel order processing in pallet processing.

Furthermore, individual piece time collection and the calculation of OEE indicator are possible without ODC.

Software directly integrated into the control

Precice collection of machine data and machine status

Piece time collection for each individual piece

OEE without ODC

Requiremtn for input of downtime reasons (HMI)

Precise identification of machine status

Machine data and their state are collected automatically and precisely in real time directly on the CNC control. The access to all parameters of the CNC control enables a precise identifckation of the "production" state even for complex machines. If the MDC reports "production", production is truly taking place.

Machine donwntimes are automatically recognized by POiS® MDC. If the reason for the machine downtime cannot be determined automatically, the machine operator is actively prompted by the CNC control to make an input. This human-machine-interaction (HMI) complements the automated production process and becomes part of the operation workflow.

Transparency through individual piece time tracking

Typically, only the average piece time in part production is recorded. rwt POiS® MDC automatically records the production time for each individual piece in real-time. This provides reliable information about order progress, deviations from standard times, and variations in the manufacturing process. Automatic piece time tracking provides essential data for the cost calculation of the part and for assessing machine efficiency.

Real-time feedback on piece time, deviations, and variations in the production process forms the basis for targeted measures to optimize ongoing part production (Closed Loop Manufacturing).

OEE without ODC

With the MDC function POiS® Auto-OEE, rwt takes an additional approach to calculate the OEE metric: all relevant part data is automatically captured through intelligent NC programs to determine OEE metrics.

The advantage: Production orders with manual data collection systems (ODC) are not required with POiS® Auto-OEE. At the same time, high data quality is achieved because the machine automatically reports part changes.

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