Software directly integrated into the control

rwt has been working closely with renowned control and machine manufacturers for many years and has been integrating rwt software directly into machine controls since 2001. This control-specific standard solution ensures that CNC machines are uniformly integrated into the network, regardless of the machine type, manufacturer, or machine generation. This means that the digital manufacturing process takes place richt up to the CNC control. All information is reliably, up-to-date, and readily available directly on the CNC control.

With this rwt standard solution, over 15,000 CNC machines and production systems have been connected to directly into the control system integrated operator diaglogue to date.

contol-specific standard solution

processes directly into the control

Information accessible on the control

no additional hardware required

Smart Services and Human- Machine-Interaction (HMI)

HMI -Human-Machine-Interaction

By integrating rwt software into the control system (Machine Connectivity), direct communication between humans and machines (HMI) is made possible.

HMI enables flexible manufacturing processes without sacrificing the benefits of high automation. Human-Machine-Interaction (HMI) complements automated manufacturing processes. Not only do warning messages appear directly on the control system, but the machine also actively prompts the operator, if necessary, to enter unplanned downtime reasons. With Auto-ODC, the machine assists the operator in data capture, especially during unmanned pallet processing. With Auto-OEE, the machine automatically handles part changes, eliminating the need for manual data entry with production orders.

Automatic data collection directly on the CNC control

Data collection is performed automatically and reliably directly on the CNC control - even in unmanned operation and during concurrent processing of pallet machines.

Unlike traditional solutions where information can only be accessed through limited interfaces, rwt integrates its MES software directly into the CNC control. This allows access to all parameters and the collection of specific machine data.

The use of intelligent NC programs enables features like "automatic order change."

The high quality of the collected data provides an excellent foundation for production analysis.

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